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Smart Cities - Driving A New Digital Economy


- Overview

A smart city is an emerging conceptual view of a city that facilitates the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) to engage with citizens, to develop social and intellectual capital, and to make better use of hardware Infrastructure (physical capital) that reduces the use of environmental capital and supports smart growth (sustainable economic development).

The smart city concept goes beyond the use of ICT to make better use of resources and reduce emissions. That means smarter urban transport networks, upgraded water and waste facilities, and more efficient ways of lighting and heating buildings. It also includes more interactive and responsive urban management, safer public spaces, and meeting the needs of an aging population. 

As the world continues to urbanize, with the total population expected to double by 2050, there is an increasing need for smart, sustainable environments that reduce environmental impact and provide citizens with a high quality of life. Smart cities bring together technology, government and society to achieve the following characteristics: smart economy, smart transportation, smart environment, smart people, smart life, smart governance.


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