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EasyChair Author Instructions for EITA-Meeting

(Stanford University - Jaclyn Chen)




1. Register your account.

If you have never used EasyChair before you must register a free account via (link). If you already have an account then you may skip these preliminary steps and scroll to Section 2 below.

2. Log in to EasyChair for the EITA-Meeting.

EasyChair uses cookies for user authentication. To use EasyChair, you should allow your browser to save cookies from


3. Submit your abstract.

  • Once you have registered with EasyChair
  • Navigate to the EITA-Meeting EasyChair system, at [link].
  • Sign in using your new or existing username and password.
  • From the main menu, choose “New Submission”.
  • Fill out the forms to provide author names and affiliation. If any of your co-authors have already signed up to EasyChair, you can click “Add an Associate” to search for them. Otherwise you should add their information manually. Note that only the submitter of the abstract is required to have an EasyChair account. 


4. New submission for the EITA-Meeting.

Follow the instructions, step by step, and then use the “Submit” button at the bottom of the form. The required fields are marked by (*).

A. Address for Correspondence.

B. Author Information.
For each of the authors please fill out the form. Some items on the form are explained here:

  • Email address will only be used for communication with the authors. It will not appear in public Web pages of this conference. The email address can be omitted for authors who are not corresponding. These authors will also have no access to the submission page.
  • Web site will be included in the conference programme. It can be your own web page (e.g. as an academic or employee), or the website of your research group or department.
  • Each author marked as a corresponding author will receive email messages from the system about this submission. There must be at least one corresponding author. If your co-author does not wish to receive emails about the abstract review, then please do not indicate them as a corresponding author.

5. Now, fill in the title, text of the abstract, and choose your broad parallel session category.

A.  Title and Abstract.
The title and the abstract should be entered as plain text, they should not contain HTML elements. 30 word limit for the title, 300 word limit for the abstract – you do not have to use all of the words! 

B. Keywords.
Type a list of 3-5 keywords (also known as key phrases or key terms), one per line, to help characterise your submission. 
C. Topics. 
Please select the parallel session most relevant to your submission. If you wish to present a poster, you only need to select this option, you don’t need to select an additional theme.

6. The form may also includes a number of other questions (if displayed).

7. Please upload PDF files using the Upload Paper Section (if displayed) to submit your abstract as well.

8. Click on the Submit button. 

Do not press the button twice: uploading may take some time. Once submission is successful you will see basic information about your submission (see the illustrative example below). You can get back to the page with your submission details at any time by clicking on Submission# (where # denotes the number of your submission) in the main menu. If you need to make any changes to your submission (update information, update authors, submit a new version, or withdraw your submission), use the links on the right hand side of the page.

9. Submission is complete! 

Please note: EasyChair sends an automated confirmation after a submission has been received, if you do not receive this email then your submission has not been received. You can also login to your EasyChair account to check the status of your submission.
[More to come ...]

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