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Wireless Network Monitoring and Tools

(Bern, Switzerland - Alvin Wei-Cheng Wong)


The 5G ecosystem is designed to support different use cases, and supporting all of them requires a very flexible and intelligent network architecture. 

To achieve this, 5G systems are designed to take full advantage of software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV), integrating everything into a unique system based on an IP-oriented physical infrastructure. In order to achieve optimal optimization of resources and prevent bottlenecks and other network problems, all modern networks such as longer routes or packet loss) should integrate some self-healing systems that can monitor resource status and act accordingly, leading the deployment of new infrastructure to the concept of a knowledge-defined network. 

Automation is one of the key drivers of 5G, and through the concept of self-organizing networks, the lifecycle costs of infrastructure are expected to decrease, as experienced by operators adopting it in LTE networks. Therefore, automation in next-generation mobile networks will play a strategic role, requiring advanced agents to coordinate and manage the infrastructure. 

Ideally, these will be powered by artificial intelligence algorithms. However, all AI algorithms require large amounts of data for training in order to have a system capable of taking reliable and correct actions. As such, monitoring traffic and other metrics in the 5G core network represents one of the enablers for this technology.



[More to come ...]

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