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- The EITA-YIC Forum

The main purpose of the General EITA Young Investigator Conference (EITA YIC Forum) is designed to aid the career development and shape the career plans of promising young investigators and entrepreneurs in emerging technologies and services.

The EITA YIC Forum will provide an opportunity for collegial interaction with senior faculty members and investigators having successful careers across the broad spectrum of emerging technology and services research.

There is a projected future shortage of emerging technology and services researchers, and research funding is difficult to obtain. This retreat is aimed at providing guidance, tactics and strategies to help improve the chances of achieving a successful career in emerging technology and services research. The aims are:

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  • To provide young investigators with a friendly and constructive atmosphere in order to present their research and learn from each other. 
  • To foster the pursuit of research in emerging technologies and services by young investigators.
  • To disseminate vital information required for pursuing a career in research and entrepreneurship.
  • To meet, network with senior faculty members and investigators, and to establish extramural research mentorship.
  • To enable young investigators to contribute to the development of emerging technologies and services.


- Definition of Young Researcher

Young Researcher means researchers in the first 10 years (full-time equivalent) of their research activity (active basic, applied, theoretical, and experimental research), including the period of research training, since gaining a university (or equivalent institution of higher education) degree giving access to doctoral studies in the country in which the degree was obtained (the degree must entitle the holder to embark on doctoral studies, without having to acquire any further qualifications) and who have not yet obtained a doctoral degree.


- The EITA Outreach (Readers) Forum

Young researchers are welcome to join the EITA Outreach (Readers) Forum at any time. Please click here to join the forum.

The EITA Outreach (Reader) forum is a perfect virtual event platform for researchers, scientists, and entrepreneurs to share experience, foster collaborations across industry and academia, and evaluate emerging technologies across the globe.



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