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Edge AI

(Washington D.C., U.S.A.)


Edge AI means that AI software algorithms are processed locally on a hardware device. The algorithms are using data (sensor data or signals) that are created on the device. A device using Edge AI software does not need to be connected in order to work properly, it can process data and take decisions independently without a connection.


- Edge AI Is The Next Wave of AI

Edge AI is the next wave of artificial intelligence (AI). detaching the requirement of cloud systems. Edge AI is processing information closer to the users and devices that require it, rather than sending that data for processing in central locations in the cloud.

In the last few years, AI implementations in various companies have changed around the world. As more enterprise-wide efforts dominate, Cloud Computing became an essential component of the AI evolution. As customers spend more time on their devices, businesses increasingly realize the need to bring essential computation onto the device to serve more customers. This is the reason that the Edge Computing market will continue to accelerate in the next few years.



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