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Technology Management

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- Concepts

Technology management is a group of management disciplines that allow organizations to manage their technology base to create customer advantage. Being a future-ready leader is about managing both technology and people with excellence. That’s the MIT way.

Typical concepts used in technology management are:

  • Technology strategy (the logic or role of technology in an organization),
  • Technology forecasting (identification of possible relevant technologies for the organization, possibly through technology reconnaissance),
  • Technology roadmaps (mapping the technology to business and market requirements), and
  • Technology Portfolio (a set of projects under development) and Technology Portfolio (a set of technologies in use).

The role of the technology management function in an organization is to understand the value of certain technologies to the organization. Continued development of technology is valuable as long as it is valuable to customers, so the technology management function in an organization should be able to argue when to invest in technology development and when to exit.


- The Six Pillars of Technology Management

Technology management is a combination of scientific, engineering and management knowledge and practice, a technology-centric approach to wealth and value creation.

  • Pillar 1: Critical Thinking - Analyze evidence, consider alternative solutions, and solve complex problems. 
  • Pillar Two: Systems Thinking - Understand how the components of a system interact with each other, identify interdependencies, and solve more problems.  
  • Pillar 3: Creating value through emerging technologies - Evaluate which technologies can solve your problems and pay off.  
  • Pillar 4: Radical Innovation - Building ground rules for exponential growth.  
  • Pillar 5: Organizational Strategy - Determine how technology affects your organizational structure and strategy.  
  • Pillar 6: Leadership - Mobilize the people and resources needed to achieve breakthrough performance.


[More to come ...]


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