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Learning by Sharing and Growing by Exchanging

Niagara Fall
(Niagara Fall, Canada - Wei-Jiun Su)


- Learning by Sharing and Growing by Exchanging

Learning by sharing can involve sharing perspectives on issues, writing, teaching, and collaboration. Sharing knowledge can help people develop foundational knowledge and build on it. When people share, they can: 

  • Improve their understanding: Transferring knowledge can help people better understand the information and cement it into their memory.
  • Strengthen their knowledge: Others can test, apply, and build on what is shared, which can help validate, refine, and expand on it.
  • Learn more: Sharing and learning can occur when people share their perspectives on similar problems or issues. The sharer often learns more than the learner.
  • Reflect on their sharing: It's important for the sharer to reflect on their own sharing.


Growing by exchanging can involve personal and professional growth. For example, employees on secondment can be exposed to new environments, different organizational cultures, and diverse working methodologies. 



[More to come ...]


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