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(National Palace Museum, Taipei, ROC (Taiwan) - Alvin Wei-Cheng Wong)


Opening speech

Dr. Wen-Ching Wang (Conference Chair) (王文菁)

Partner, Portfolio Manager, Talisker Capital Management, LP


Keynote speech

Mr. Eric Wentzel
Partner and Portfolio Manager, Talisker Capital Management, LP


Session I: Financial Services and Business Process Management

Michael Cheah
Fund Manager, AIG SunAmerica Asset Management

Lida Chen (陳立大)
Director, Credit Derivative Group, Barclays Capital

Dr. Ted Hong (洪哲雄)
CEO, Beyondbonds

Session II: High Performance Computing on Wall Street

Jim Mancuso
General Manager
Financial Services Business Unit
Platform Computing Corporation

Dr. Shu-Ping Chang
Manager, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

Larry Liu
Director, Credit Suisse

Session III (Panel): Financial Engineering (FE)

Dr. Dunmu Ji (紀敦睦), President, Hedgesystems

Dr. Tyler Yang (楊太樂), President, IFE Group

Jordan Kuo-Lin Hu (胡國琳), President, RiskVal

Simon Chen (陳尚珪), Senior Product Manager, Factset



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