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Welcome to EITA-Green Technology and Service 2009




Concerns on the climate change, rising energy costs, resource constraints, and their potential social, economical, and political impacts, drive new trends in the development of green technologies on renewable energy production, efficient usage of energy, enabling technologies for green development, and reduction of green house gas emission. People are showing a much greater awareness of our impact on the environment and how we can minimize it.

The first EITC Green Technology and Service workshop is based on the concept that contributing to a sustainable environment is good business practice and that there are substantial economic opportunities in the field of green technology. The workshop will bring together leaders in research, design, investment, policy, and implementation of environmental practices in business. This is a fantastic opportunity for the business community to gather and explore this new challenge, and to learn how to create business value while contributing to environmental improvement.

The workshop will discuss some of the following topics:

  • Current and emerging technologies in green energy: renewable energy sources, alternate fuel technologies, energy usage reduction technologies, etc.
  • Current and emerging technologies in green environment: green building, solar market and trend, waste management, etc.
  • Current and emerging technologies in green business/services: corporate social responsibility, sustainable manufacture, green supply chain, green workforce & operations, carbon management framework and strategy, carbon disclosure project (CDP), carbon trading, environmental compliance assessment and report, etc.


Candidate Program Topics


List of Candidate Program Topics


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