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Year 2022

(The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California - Jeff M. Wang)



The Conferences/Workshops (The EITA Outreach Forum) in 2022

Conference Name Dates Registration
EITA-YIC 2022 (The EITA-Young Investigator Conference)  
<Exact Dates TBA>  Virtual Meeting 
EITA-Economy, Business Management, and Law Ventures 2022 <Exact Dates TBA> Virtual Meeting
EITA-New Agriculture and ICT Convergence Ventures 2022   <Exact Dates TBA>  Virtual Meeting
EITA-Physics and Quantum Computing, High-Performance Computing Ventures 2022  <Exact Dates TBA>  Virtual Meeting
EITA-AI/ML/DL, Neural Networks, Data Science, and Applications Ventures 2022 <Exact Dates TBA>  Virtual Meeting




[More to come ...]


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