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New IP And Emerging Communications Technologies

(United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland - Alvin Wei-Cheng Wong)

 New IP, Shaping Future Network



"The Internet continues to evolve at a rapid pace. New services, applications, and protocols are being developed and deployed in many areas, including recently: a new transport protocol (QUIC), enhancements in how the Domain Name System (DNS) is accessed, and mechanisms to support deterministic applications over Ethernet and IP networks. These changes are only possible because the community involved includes everyone from content providers, to Internet Service Providers, to browser developers, to equipment manufacturers, to researchers, to users, and more." -- [Internet Society]


- The Primary Reasons for A New IP Protocol Architecture


  • The need to support heterogeneous networks (called ManyNets) and the need to support “more types of devices into the future network.” “The current network system risks becoming ‘islands”.
  • The need to support Deterministic Forwarding.
  • The need to enhance security and trust and support “Intrinsic Security”.
  • The ability to support ultra-high throughput and allow user-defined customized request for network services and get fine-grained information on the status of the network.

The Focus Group on Technologies for Network 2030 (FG NET-2030) is tasked with investigating “the future network architecture, requirements, use cases, and capabilities of the networks for 2030 and beyond.” The IETF, IEEE, 3GPP, ETSI and other SDOs are also busy developing new protocols, and enhancing current protocols, to provide new capabilities.


[More to come ...]


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