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Microwave Applications

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- Overview

Microwave frequencies range from 109 Hz (1 GHz) to 1000 GHz, corresponding to wavelengths from 30 to 0.03 cm. There are many communication system applications that are important in both military and civilian domains in this spectrum domain. 

Because of their shorter physical wavelengths, these frequencies exhibit several unique characteristics. As such, they are suitable for a wide variety of unique and specific applications, from short-range to long-range communications, from detecting close-range objects to identifying light-years from beginning to end, from identifying small objects to mapping planetary surfaces, from the study of linear particle accelerators to The study of plasmas, from home cooking to industrial heating and more. 


- Applications of Microwaves

Applications of microwaves can be broadly classified into the following attached fields: Military applications include ground and airborne radar, electronic warfare (including guided weapons), and satellite communications; civilian applications include microwave radar (for police, boats, intruder alarms, and door openers), direct broadcast satellite (12 GHz), and mobile (1 -3 GHz band) and cellular (~1 GHz) communications. 

In order for these systems to function, they need devices that generate, detect and amplify microwave signals. Since the limit for silicon devices is ∼1.5 GHz, GaAs devices are preferred above this frequency. Microwave circuits are sometimes difficult to design because conductors such as stray solder act like antennas at these frequencies.



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