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Modern DNS Platforms

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Today’s next-generation DNS solutions offer intelligence and capabilities that address the challenges of modern application delivery far beyond traditional in-house or legacy solutions. Modern solutions can be leveraged in a variety of models, from high-performance, globally distributed SaaS-model Managed DNS networks to fully managed, on-premise deployments. Increasingly, an organization’s DNS systems are tightly coupled across a number of use cases for single-pane-of-glass manageability, visibility and automation of DNS and traffic management across a company’s entire infrastructure. 

Beyond the intelligent traffic management capabilities and flexible deployment models of modern DNS platforms, there are a number of other motivations for shifting from a legacy DNS technology and mindset: 

  • Data feed integrations: Today’s most advanced DNS platforms enable you to connect your existing monitoring and analytics tools to feed data that can be used to drive intelligent traffic management decisions.
  • Telemetry-driven traffic management: Beyond feeds from your existing tools, some modern DNS platforms directly incorporate their own deep monitoring and data gathering technologies, and gather telemetry straight from your systems and users to drive routing decisions.
  • Visibility: In addition to acting on data, modern platforms give you great insight into your DNS, with real-time analytics about your DNS traffic and visibility into the performance of your infrastructure with respect to your audience.
  • DevOps integrations: Today’s DNS technologies are addressable through full-featured APIs and DevOps tool integrations, enabling complex automation suitable for the elasticity and dynamism of a modern application infrastructure stack.


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