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Agricultural Marketing, Food Supply Chain Management

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- Agricultural Marketing

Agricultural marketing is a method that includes gathering, storage, preparation, shipping, and delivery of different farming materials across the country. In agriculture marketing, the selling of an agriculture product depends on various components like the demand for the product at that time, availability of storage, etc.

Before Independence, farmers while selling their products to traders experienced massive incorrect weighing and manipulation of accounts. The farmers did not have required information about the prices and were forced to sell at low prices with no proper storage facility.

Sometimes, the product could be sold at a weekly village market in the farmer’s village or in a neighbouring village. If these shops are not available, then the product is sold at irregular markets in a nearby village or town. So, the government took various measures to control the activities of the traders. 

Efforts to develop agricultural marketing, especially in developing countries, aim to focus on a number of areas, notably infrastructure development; provision of information; training of farmers and traders on marketing and post-harvest issues; support for an appropriate policy environment. Efforts have been made in the past to develop government-run marketing agencies, but these have tended to become less prominent over the years.


- Cutting Edge Farming and Marketing Methods

Implementing modern farming and marketing methods is essential for agricultural products and crops. Using existing technologies in agriculture to increase productivity at the lowest possible cost. Modern farming and marketing methods guarantee easy access to target customers to prevent crop damage and stagnation. It also involves the shipping business of delivering goods safely and securely to buyers. 

Agricultural marketing covers the services that move agricultural products from farms to consumers. These services involve the planning, organization, direction and handling of agricultural produce to meet the needs of farmers, intermediaries and consumers. This involves many interrelated activities such as planning production, growing and harvesting, grading, packing and packaging, transport, storage, processing of agricultural products and food, providing market information, distribution, advertising and sales. In fact, the term covers the entire spectrum of agricultural supply chain operations, whether through casual sales or through more integrated chains, such as those involving contract farming.


- Food Supply Chain Management




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