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Quantum Photonics

[University of California, Berkeley - Sing Lin]


- Photonics, Nanoscience and Quantum Technology

Physics, materials, devices and systems are commonly studied using light and electromagnetism for applications such as sensing, imaging, communications, computing, energy, biology, medicine, security and information processing. Scientific work ranges from fundamental quantum mechanical processes in nanostructures to planetary science, incorporating technologies from nanoscale and microscale fabrication to radio and fiber optic communications to environmental detection. 

Examples include:

  • Photonics: Devices, systems and applications involving electromagnetic waves, especially light. Applications include communication information, where photonics plays a vital role, medical instrumentation, imaging, sensing and (photovoltaic) solar power generation;
  • Nanoscience and engineering: physics of nanophotonic structures (where the smallest feature size is at the single-wavelength or even deep sub-wavelength scale); controllable fabrication of nanophotonic materials and structures; applications of such structures in low-energy information processing and communication, efficient energy conversion, applications in sensing and medicine;
  • Quantum Technologies: The study and application of the quantum mechanical properties of light and matter for applications such as secure communications, quantum and classical computing, and sensing. Nanophotonics and nanoscience play a vital role in building quantum technology platforms. 



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