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Digital Photography

The Plum Blossom_012523B
The Plum Blossom: The plum blossom, Prunus mei, was officially designated by the ROC Executive Yuan to be the national flower on July 21, 1964. The plum blossom, which has shades of pink and white and gives off a delicate fragrance, has great symbolic value for the Chinese people because of its resilience during the harsh winter. The triple grouping of stamens (one long and two short) represents Sun Yat-sen’s Three Principles of the People, while the five petals symbolize the five branches of the ROC government.]

- Overview

Digital photography is a form of image capture and manipulation that involves taking pictures with a digital camera, smartphone or other digital device. Instead of using photographic film, images are captured as digital files that can be stored on a computer or other medium.

Digital photography offers a range of advantages over traditional photography, such as the ability to quickly store and share images on the Internet, relatively easy basic editing adjustments, and the ability to print high-quality photos without the need for a professional darkroom.

As technology advances, digital photographers now have access to more features, such as the ability to duplicate images, combine multiple photos into a single work of art, and manipulate raw data.



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