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Cultural and Creative Industries

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- Overview

Cultural and creative industries are the economic activities of production, distribution and consumption of artists, art enterprises and cultural entrepreneurs in the fields of film, literature, theatre, dance, visual arts, broadcasting, fashion, etc. New digital and ICT technologies have revolutionized the industry's production processes, distribution channels and consumption patterns. 

Digital technologies are becoming a standard tool for the collection, preservation and dissemination of art and cultural heritage around the world. From the 3D configuration of ancient artifacts to the application of artificial intelligence to reveal how we view human ancestry, cultural heritage is heading towards a digital future.


- Some Issues on The Cultural and Creative Industries

The following are the core theories, legal issues and management practices of cultural and creative industries organisations: 

key trends and issues in the arts and entertainment industry in the 21st century;

Relationships and differences between cultural and creative industries;

business-not-for-profit partnerships;

the nature of the creative work;

Understand and negotiate various types of artist contracts;

The main formats of cultural and creative industries and their differences; and

Copyright, fair use and other intellectual property related issues for artists and other creatives.



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