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Image Supercomputer_Lawrence_Livermore_National_Lab_1
(Supercomputer, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
Image Summit Supercomputer
(Summit Supercomputer - Oak Ridge National Lab, U.S.A.)
Image Summit Supercomputer - Oak Ridge National Lab.
(Summit Supercomputer - Oak Ridge National Lab, U.S.A.)
Image Matrix_Linear_Algebra_111720A
[An m × n matrix: the m rows are horizontal and the n columns are vertical. Each element of a matrix is often denoted by a variable with two subscripts. For example, a2,1 represents the element at the second row and first column of the matrix.]
Image Artificial Intelligence System_112720A
[Artificial Intelligence System - Deloitte]
Image The Hadoop Ecosystem_1
(The Hadoop Ecosystem)
Image The Apache Hadoop YARN Architecture_1
(The Apache Hadoop YARN Architecture)
Image Einstein Was Right_073021A
[Einstein Was Right]
Image Top 25 Algorithms_010321A
[Top 25 Algorithms]
Image Math is the Queen of Science_011922A
[Math is the Queen of Science]
Image Hurricans and Tropical Storms_NASA_070522A
[NASA - Two hurricanes and two tropical storms in the Atlantic basin on September 4, 2019 as seen from the GOES-16 satellite.]
Image Digital Twin in IoT_071922A
[Digital Twin in IoT]
Image IoV Big Data Transmission_101622A
[IoV Big Data Transmission Support - Research Gate]
Image IoV Big Data in Autonmous Vehicle_101622A
[IoV Big Data in Autonmous Vehicle - Research Gate]
Image IoV Big Data Architecture_101622A
[IoV Big Data Architecture - ResearchGate]
Image Latin America Countries_040123A
[Latin America Countries - Research Gate]
Image Big Data Ecosystem_071423A
[Big Data Ecosystem - SelectHub]
Image Big Data and AI_100823A
[Big Data and AI - ISM]
Image ML Model Training_122323A
[ML Model Training - Shreyak]
Image Expert System_122523A
[Expert System - GeeksforGeeks]
Image Machine Learning Vs Deep Learning_122723A
[Machine Learning Vs Deep Learning - Semiconductor Engineering]
Image Convolutional Neural Networks_122823A
[Convolutional Neural Networks - Medium]
Image Perceptron_012924A
[Perceptron - Towards Data Science]
File Probability_Harvard University_022424A
[Probability - Harvard Medical School_022424A
File Probability_Harvard University_022424A
[Probability - Harvard Medical School_022424A
Image Correlation Coefficients_031124A
[Correlation Coefficients (Wikipedia) - Several sets of (x, y) points, with the Pearson correlation coefficient of x and y for each set. The correlation reflects the noisiness and direction of a linear relationship (top row), but not the slope of that relationship (middle), nor many aspects of nonlinear relationships (bottom). N.B.: the figure in the center has a slope of 0 but in that case, the correlation coefficient is undefined because the variance of Y is zero.]
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