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Blockchain Applications

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- Overview

With many practical applications of the technology already being implemented and explored, blockchain is finally claiming fame largely due to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. As the buzzword on the lips of every investor in the country, blockchain will enable businesses and governments to operate more accurately, efficiently, securely and cheaply, with fewer middlemen. 

As we enter the third decade of blockchain, the question of if traditional companies will catch up to the technology is no longer a question, but when. Today, we see the proliferation of NFTs and the tokenization of assets. As such, the next few decades will prove to be a significant period of growth for blockchain.

Blockchain applications go far beyond cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin. The technology, which creates greater transparency and fairness while saving businesses time and money, is impacting sectors in a variety of ways, from how contracts are enforced to making government work more efficient. 

We've collected some real-world blockchain use-case examples for this pragmatic yet revolutionary technology. This is far from an exhaustive list, but they have changed the way we do business. 


[More to come ...]


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