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5G: The Pervasive Infrastructure

(Bay Area, San Francisco, California - Jeff M. Wang)

- 5G: The Pervasive Infrastructure

Netrworks are inherently ubiquitous, connecting us in many ways, but we are about to experience a sea change in how we connect. 5G will fundamentally change the way the world communicates. By introducing new radio systems and network architectures, 5G networks will be flexible and reliable, delivering extreme performance in multiple ways for a wide range of uses. 

Whether delivering ultra-high-definition video or immersive experiences, controlling robots in a factory, or connecting healthcare sensors, 5G networks must support multiple use cases while delivering extreme bandwidth, ultra-low latency, and reliability.

It is not just a new air interface, but a new generation of radio systems and network architectures working together. 5G can provide this ubiquitous network. Realizing the full potential of 5G requires an end-to-end architectural approach that supports a wide range of technical and business requirements.



 [More to come ...]

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