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5G Edge Computing Infrastructure

(Interlaken, Switzerland - Alvin Wong)

Edge computing is a network architectural model that brings technology resources, including compute and related infrastructure, closer to the end user or to where the data is generated. Rather than housing these critical resources in a big data center that could be hundreds—or even thousands—of miles away from where the data will ultimately be delivered, this new architecture puts it closer to the end user, all right at the edge of the network. 

It’s a distributed cloud compute extension of cellular and non-cellular networks where data is processed and stored at the edge, with only key information transmitted back to a centralized cloud for backend services support. 

Multi-access edge computing (MEC) is a type of edge computing that extends the functionality of networks, including 5G networks, with enhanced capabilities.  

A transformational complement to 5G, it provides both an IT service environment and cloud-computing capabilities at the edge of the mobile network, within the radio access network (RAN) and in close proximity to mobile subscribers.



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